Big Wood Brewery

In 2009 Steve Merila was the owner of a wood flooring distribution company in Vadnais Heights. As his friend, and co-owner of Big Wood Brewery, Jason Medvec said, business had been good. But then the economy took a turn for the worse. Workers were coming in looking for a job, but were leaving empty handed. Morale was low.

“And as anybody who’s met Steve knows, he really loves to make people smile and cheer people up,” Medvec said. “One thing that made people happy was his beer. So, he put in a small brew system in some empty warehouse space.”

From there, Medvec says Merila got the licensing, hired a brewer and began brewing beer. He would serve the beer at seminars he hosted covering topics that pertained to the wood flooring industry, such as installation.

Soon, people began to form an appreciation for the beer and the small brew house grew to become Big Wood Brewery.

“So, it came out of a desire to really cheer people up during some tough times. That’s where we kind of came from,” Medvec said.

And it’s that idea they aim to emulate in their taproom.

So, along with Medvec, head brewer Ty McBee and assistant brewer Tim Daglow, I learned a little bit about Big Wood and got a taste of their taproom.


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