The Expat

The Expat

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ABV: 5.7%

At 5.7% ABV, about 30 IBU, and on the higher end of the carbonation spectrum, The Expat is in line with classic definitions of the style–by the numbers, anyway. Unlike most saisons, however, The Expat is brewed with a substantial percentage of rye in the mash. The result is a crisp, effervescent saison that is true in spirit to the style’s heritage of fusing refreshment with a bold, spicy farmhouse character. It’s a great beer to enjoy on its own in the late afternoon, but may even be better when paired with a meal. As Garrett Oliver writes in The Brewmaster’s Table, “With food, the best saisons are beyond versatile–they are virtually invincible.”

Available in: 6pk, Keg, 12oz, Slim ¼ BBL, ½ BBL

Brewed by: Fulton Brewery