Summit 30th Keller Pils

Summit 30th Keller Pils

An unfiltered traditional German style dating all the way back to the Middle Ages, our 30thAnniversary Keller Pils is unlike any lager we’ve ever produced. We sourced a heritage German barley variety with a blend of traditional and modern German hops along with a Munich lager yeast from a private collection. Here’s to three, full-flavored decades of sharing quality brewing ingredients with quality beer lovers. Cheers!

Flavor Notes:

Malty-sweet, honey undertones, balanced hop bitterness with spicy and floral aromas with a hint of citrus.

Beer Specs:

{Limited Release}

Original Gravity: 12° Plato

Alcohol by Volume: 5.1%

Color, (deg. L.): Pale straw, 4° L

IBUs: 38

Malts Utilized: 100% Barke Pilsner heritage malt sourced from Weyermann Specialty Malts

Hops Utilized: A blend of traditional (Tettnang) and modern (Huell Melon) German varieties

Yeast: German lager

Established: 2016

Available in: 12pk, 12oz

Supplied by: Summit Brewing